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Welcome to Leticia Mendez electronic portfolio




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Greetings my name is Leticia Mendez, I am a teacher at Donna High School. I teach Business Information Management I (BIM I) and in the past I have also taught Digital Interactive Media and Web Design using HTML Code. I wasn't always a teacher, I used to be a cosmetologist (which is a scientific name for hair dresser) since 1991. And in 1996 I decided that I wanted to go back to school and get a degree in Buisiness Mananagment, so I started in Alvin Community College and then transfered to University of Texas Pan American where I got my Bachelors in Business Management. In 2010 I received my Masters through the University of Phoenix and that in itself was amazing, that was my first online class experience and I loved it. So here I am today!!!


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EDTC 6341 Power Point Slide:



Lesson Plan to conveyor belt 


Lesson plan to cycle c


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